Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

Is KH Sa’id Agil Siradj an Adherent of ‘Salafī’?

One of my friends gave Sa’id Agil Siradj’s dissertation to me some weeks ago by title: ilatu L-lāh bil Kaun fī L-Taṣawwuf al-Falsafī: Dirāsah wa naqd’ (The relationship of Allāh with Nature on the Taṣawwuf of Falsafi: A Study and A Critique). Click here to download it.

Today I have a moment to read it. It has 662 pages, divided into seven chapters (plus conclusion), and published by Ummul Qurā University, Mecca. The object of his research is on the concept of ma’rifah, tawḥid, fanā’, hulūl, ittihad dan wahdat al-wujūd that recognized by Muslim scholar such as Ibn ‘Arabī, al-Ghazalī, Abū Yazīd al-Bustāmī, Junaid al-Baghdādī, al-Hallaj, Zunnun al-Misrī, and others. While his tool of analysis, like what he says by using of Ahlussunnah wa al-Jamaʿah views that recognized by Ibn Taymiyyah.

Well. As we know that he is a President of Nahḍah al-ʿUlamāʾ or well-known by NU, the larger Muslim Organization in Indonesia. In NU traditions and views, the names like Ibn ʿArabī, al-Ghazalī, Junaid al-Baghdādī are the prominent scholars and more influence them. Otherwise, Ibn Taymiyyah’s views on Kalām and Taṣawwuf are not so interested by them. It’s really contrary to NU’s views on Kalām and Taṣawwuf.

It becomes more interesting not only to me but you also to read it page by page and to know what’s happen with KH Sa’id Agil Siradj. Contemplate these questions deeply: Was he ever adhered by Salafi and he left it after his joint to NU, or it was just a research, or it was influenced of his University? Wallāhuaʿlam! I should not judge him. Please read it and evaluate by you your selves.

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